My style of photography is all about capturing those real moments, the authentic ones that you love and always want to remember. face-squishing kisses, interlocked fingers, sandy toes, and those hysterical double-chinned laughs. Those moments that you’ll sit down on the couch with your kids or grandkids in 10, 20 or even 50 years from now and laugh at how young you look and the memories will come flooding back. Ya see, I have one of the coolest jobs evaaa. I get to hang with rad people while telling cheesy jokes or pick up lines, but also, I get to capture memories. I get to freakin freeze time!!

My general turn around time for photos is 1 to 2 weeks, but please realize that I am still in high school and so if it takes longer, I’m probably writing a paper vigorously in order to pass a class or trying my best to solve an algebra II problem (like I seriously need help) so hopefully you can show some grace and if you ask I’ll gladly send you some sneak peaks, because I know you’re probably dying to post them on Instagram or Facebook :)

We’d be a great fit if, you enjoy the unposed and real moments, or you aren’t afraid to get a little messy for some great photos!


engagements + couples

about one hour of shooting

100+ images in an online gallery

lots of snuggling + laughing with your person

$300 (includes $50 retainer fee)



45 minutes of shooting

100+ photos in an online gallery

$300 (includes $50 retainer fee)

for families over 6 people please add $20 per extra person :)



1 hour of shooting

75+ photos in an online gallery

$250 (includes $50 retainer fee)


adventurous session! SPOTS ARE LIMITED!

grab your hiking shoes, your significant other, or just your friends and let’s go climb a mountain, hike to a waterfall or just swim in the ocean!

3-5 hours with me and, 100+ photos in an online gallery

$500 (includes $50 retainer)